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2) Is it true you set a world record?

Yes, I did set a World Drug Free Powerlifting record when I was in my teenage years. I was always younger, shorter and smaller while playing sports. Powerlifting enables me to better compete with my peers. It instilled in me patience, dedication, and great work ethics I still carry with me to this day in my practice. It has also given me a different perspective, insight and approach toward my patients’ exercise regimen and their recreational activities. I am able to assist them with weight training programs, differentiate between what types of training or exercises they can or can’t tolerate, and more importantly given them the knowledge and encouragement that they can weight train at any age without fear of injuries or exacerbating their condition.













3) What is a typical day/weekend for you? Do you have any hobbies outside your practice?

A typical weekend is pretty uneventful and monotonous for most people but for me, it’s the best hobby in my life. I spend a lot of time watching my son Preston’s baseball games and football games. I love playing sports myself but the joy I have had watching my son excels in sports have been the most fulfilling and enjoyable times I dedicate for myself. And with year round travel baseball, added to his already full varsity sports schedule, we attend over 300 games and practices yearly! However, if I’m not at a ball game, I do enjoy spending time on the water. We are so blessed to have some of the most beautiful scenery and fishing in the country. We are called ‘Paradise Coast’ for a reason! It was one of the primary reasons I chose this area to open a practice. My grandparents had a house on Sanibel Island, and every summer I’d jump on my bike and grab a fishing pole and head down to the pier. I’d spend the entire day fishing and couldn’t wait to get up the next morning and do it all over again. When I got my first flats boat is when it really opened up my passion of fishing and enjoying the ecology this area offers. I love sharing that passion with my wife and son. I’m lucky enough they both love being on the water as well.















4) What skills or expertise would you consider that makes a great chiropractor and sets you apart from the rest?

I have been trained and educated well like most of my peers in the Chiropractic Profession; yes, we all focus in certain things more than another colleague, but we are all very competent chiropractic physician. What I’m trying to say is that my expertise isn’t unlike most other chiropractor. The only difference might be the effort and time spent one on one with each patient to diagnose and treat each patient for his or her specific needs, without regards to time restrictions. I average 15 or more minutes hands on contact with each patient. You are not a number in a room or on an assembly line waiting to be snap and pop in 3-4 minutes. There are quite a few of those wonderful practices with those kind of expediency for your needs, but our office isn’t one of them. 











5)What are three fun facts that many patients may not know about you?

Well I’ve been a lifetime cubs fan! There’s nothing like Wrigley Field, Harry Carry and Barry Bonds. Which made winning the World Series that much more special and exciting after years of watching them lose. Second fun fact is I love to cook. It’s actually relaxing for me to create different dishes. We eat pretty healthy but I’m a sauce guy. I love a tasty sauce to accompany every entree. Shrimp Ceviche with corn and sweet potatoes, sautéed red snapper with a mango salsa and sautéed apples with cinnamon and caramel over ice cream are my favorite dishes to make.