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Chip Shemansky, DC

Chip Shemansky, DC

Dr. Shemansky has accumulated a wealth of diverse work experiences and accomplishments throughout his life. His remarkable journey originated in Vietnam, where he was the youngest of ten children. His parents owned a local jewelry store, and he grew up in a region that is known for its fertile land and Dragon fruit production. His life took a significant turn after the Vietnam war when he was adopted at the age of 7. This marked the beginning of his life in Pekin, Illinois, where both of his adoptive parents had their master's in education, and his father served as the head football coach at Pekin High School.

At the age of 16, a shoulder injury sustained during football practice led him to
visit a local chiropractor. Experiencing the remarkable effects of chiropractic
care firsthand was the driving force behind his passion and pursuit of the field. After receiving his bachelor's of science at Saint Francis University in Joliet, Illinois, he was then accepted into Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa, the nation's premier institution which is renowned for producing some of the best chiropractors in the nation. Dr. Shemansky honed his skills and knowledge under the tutelage of field experts and focused heavily on anti-aging and evidence-based approaches to vitamins and supplements. 

In addition to his expert training and education in the chiropractic profession, Dr. Shemansky also had a remarkable journey as a powerlifting world record holder during his teenage years. He is training hard and looking forward to returning to the sport to reclaim the world record in his age and weight class. He is a firm believer that age should not limit or define your capabilities. His personal experience in sports and powerlifting instilled in him invaluable qualities like patience, dedication, and a strong work ethic, all of which he carries with him to this day in his chiropractic practice.

Outside his profession, Dr. Shemansky’s passions extend to spending quality time and traveling with his wife Amber, and his son Preston and visiting his many siblings that are spread across the globe. Dr. Shemansky loves to cook for his family and friends and is known for his honey glazed Chilean sea bass. He loves fishing the mangroves, and spending time on the water, exploring the beauty and abundance of the “Paradise Coast” region. 

Gulfshore Chiropractic Clinics in Bonita Springs / Estero, Florida takes a holistic approach to healthcare, taking into account not just physical well-being but also the importance of pursuing passions and hobbies. With Dr. Chip Shemansky at the helm, patients can be confident in receiving expert chiropractic care backed by years of experience and a deep understanding of the body's potential for self-healing and overall health improvement.

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Dr. Shemansky's ProtocOls

Dr. Shemansky has developed a comprehensive approach to addressing various health issues by focusing on three main areas: Spinal Health & Posture, Gut Health & Microbiome, and Brain Fitness & Mental State. By recognizing the connection between these aspects of health and their potential impact on inflammation, he has devised a protocol that aims to address the root causes of many chronic health problems. Dr. Shemansky noticed a very important problem that he repeatedly saw in his patient population. A lack of stability and an imbalance in the system of muscles which regulates posture in the human body is creating an “epidemic” of pain, injury, inflammation and even nervous system stress. Chiropractic is a vital piece of the puzzle for the restoration of spinal alignment but what about the system of postural muscles which protects and holds it all together? That was the missing piece. By combining the two together and then empowering patients with a way to maintain these corrections on their own - this allows a true transformation. The outcomes have been truly remarkable as we have seen people heal their chronic pain as their bodies change shape. Imagine a way to improve beauty, symmetry, lean muscle and posture all while doing it in a healthy and functional way that keeps you pain free.

Dr. Shemansky was thrilled with the results but noticed that some people needed even more. He noticed a pattern in many people’s health that he saw over and over. Joint pain, muscle tension, headaches, brain fog, anxiety, sleep issues, weight gain and fatigue. Those were the most common, but nerve issues, autoimmune issues, digestive problems and dizziness were sometimes present as well. Searching for a common link to all of these health problems, it seemed to be a never-ending cycle of inflammation as the root cause.

The next question was - what is the source and where is all this inflammation coming from? Dr. Shemansky identified 3 hidden sources of inflammation and root cause of so many of these problems:
1. Spinal Health & Posture 2. Gut Health & Microbiome 3. Brain Fitness & Mental State As scientists already know, many of the chronic diseases in modern society such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and auto-immune diseases are also linked to inflammation. By developing a protocol that can assess multiple body systems - spine, gut, brain and correct the root cause of inflammation, that is the secret to the success of this program. The comprehensive and holistic nature of this program is what makes it so unique and so transforming to health.

As inflammation naturally reduces, many people notice they begin to heal. They report feeling more energy, thinking more clearly, sleeping better, looking younger, feeling calmer, losing weight, moving better, less pain and so much more. This is the path to feel your best, look your best, optimize your health and proactively reduce your long-term risk of chronic disease. We call it a health transformation.